Being a member of a committee in College is a challenging post but such a rewarding one and the annual ball is the highlight of the calendar. We know that each year a new committee would like to put their own stamp on the ball and we will ensure that your ideas become a magnificent party for you and your classmates to enjoy. Let us meet you and discuss your requirements and ideas and assist in the booking of your ball. We do hope that from our recommendations, word of mouth and testimonials you will give us the opportunity to work with you. We at have the contacts in our venues and know what deals can be done to ensure that you have a fabulous night. Call us today to arrange a coffee to get the ball rolling!


Pick the right committee as they are the ones that have to allocate time and commitment.

Midweek as oppose to weekends; the deals on offer are always better in venues.

Allow for a security cost and ensure that the company the venue use is a reputable one.

Check the date, what other events are taking place on campus and are there any other balls taking place that week that may impact on ticket sales?

Fresher’ s week – we will be into the college to visit, so let us know in advance if you want us to pop by your stand so we don’t miss you.

Try and contact the team at as early as you can as we can hold dates at our preferred venues for a period of time.

Contract – read the small print and make sure it includes all the deal and pricing you were offered.

Try and source a company to sponsor part of the evening and keep your costs down; Welcome reception, tickets sales or theming.

Does the venue require a security deposit if in the event there are damages incurred on the night?