You may need help with managing the entire evening or maybe just some advice on the running of the event. We at have the flexibility to adapt to your requirements. We keep in mind that the end goal of your charity event is to fundraise as much as possible through sponsorship and ticket sales. Our goal is to help you manage the evening and add some more fundraising ideas to the mix that fit your particular charity’s needs.


Give yourselves plenty of time for planning the event as a charity event takes huge planning.

Source a media partner and or a key sponsor to support your challenge.

Select a weekend date, a Friday or Saturday and not too close to Christmas or school holidays.

Be clear on the chosen Charity and why attending is so important. Make people feel a part of something great that they are attending for a good cause.

The committee is vital for the success of any ball but particularly a charity event. Make sure to choose the right people with different attributes that can bring their own experiences to the success of the ball.

Fundraising – that is what the night is all about. Choose a well know personality as a compare, excellent auction items, and excellent sales staff to sell the tickets – this is often forgotten.

Goodie bags are always a good idea, the ladies love them and companies have the benefit of good exposure on the night.

Use a credit card machine on the night to ensure that whoever purchases the auction prizes has the funds to pay for them.

Read the small print on the Hotel or Venue Contract – cancelations policy and final numbers.