Your debs is the final farewell to your school years making it an important milestone for many young students. Let the team at help relieve the stress of it all by negotiating on your behalf.


Pick the right committee – make sure the classmates you pick are those that can take on the workload and help share the tasks at hand – making your Deb ball the best one yet.

The budget – contact us so we can compile a budget on your behalf and make sure you cover your costs so you understand all the costs in arranging such an event.

Entertainment – this will make or break the evening , so make sure to check out a wide selection of bands and Djs to cover all taste in music.

The theme – make the night sparkle and make sure the theme fits into the budget.

Menu – you will want the right menu that will cater for a side range of tastes so arrange a tasting in advance to make sure you are happy.